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To get in touch and stay in contact with your client, citizen or another organisation in today’s society, online | digital is essential in integrated media. The use of online | digital media requires a bright business, brand & communication strategy, a unique way of creative interpretation and a good integration with offline media.

Ogi One helps your business to achieve its goals!


Ogi One online=offline iconStill, many companies translate their offline branding to an online brand strategy. That is no longer an option. Online = Offline. You need to develop a brand strategy for online and offline together. These are not separate worlds: they are intertwined. It is about finding clever combinations that meet desires and demands of the customer / citizen and strengthen their brand (values) & yours!


Ogi One perception=branding iconThe term ‘perception’ originated from a Latin word ‘percepio’ meaning receiving, collecting, action of taking possession, apprehension with the mind or senses. Many definitions and interpretations of perception can be found in literature. The interpretation of Ogi One is based on three factors that affect perception in relation to expectations and experience of the consumer or another organisation.

#From promise to proof

Ogi One from promise to proof iconCan you deliver what you promise or what is expected of you? And how do you do this? How do you convince people or other organisations? Innovation can play an important role in proving the promise. Proof contributes to a growing confidence. And confidence is essential in relationships with customers / citizens and other organisations.


Ogi One interrelationships iconMeaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary: “the way in which two or more things or people are connected and affect one another”. It is about the relationships between customers / citizens mutually (‘networks’); experience of people with a product or service within these networks; the infinite possibilities of connected products / services in a network (internet of things’); the relationship between individual customer / citizen and organisation. Therefore Ogi One looks closely at several factors and their interrelationship for a successful approach.

How human is your brand?

Ogi One how human is your brand iconBe clear who you are! This enables organisations to connect with people and vice versa. Whether it’s customers or employees. A more human brand is allowed to celebrate successes, to make mistakes and generates a distinctive character, flexibility and loyalty. Loyalty is a band that people experience with organisations such as those experienced with friends. Based on personality and identity.




How we work

Everything we do at Ogi One is based on vision, knowledge, desire and the impressive drive to perform optimally and create the best. We believe in authenticity, sincerity, fun and smart sustainable solutions: structural and fundamental.

about us

Our organisation and method aims to realize your business objectives successfully. And it is designed so you can continue to achieve these objectives in a rapidly changing society. We ensure that you remain fully involved at every step in the process.


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