Spijkenisse Werkt - Dave

Spijkenisse Werkt!

Client Gemeente Spijkenisse
Tasks strategy | creative concept | film production
Region The Netherlands
Year 2013
Goal (1) Create & raise awareness | (2) inform stakeholders and increase involvement | (3) corporate branding




In documentary style we learn the real story of Dave trying to find a job with the mediation of the municipality and the employer. The format is a scripted documentary consisting of four consecutive parts. Scripted docmentary means that these four short films have been filmed as a documentary. This makes the story more dramatic, more realistic and powerful.

The story is told from three perspectives:
1. Dave
2. The municipality
3. The employer


In episode (1) we meet the main character Dave Buys.

In episode (2) we see the role of the municipality in finding work for Dave. Starring Lenneke Kriek, Arie van Gorsel Radj Sewdal, Celeste Camp & Annemiek Goudriaan.

In episode (3) we see the role of the employer in Rotterdam (harbor). Starring Peter Goedendorp & Marlies Tump.

In episode (4) we see the result of the last three episodes.




Branded Video Strategy & Content

Each episode focuses on a specific target group (job seekers, the municipality / municipalities and employers; see perspecives / episodes) in which people recognize themselves. From there, motivate these people to watch the other episodes in order to inform them about the process but also to create understanding for the other target groups. It contributes to a better reputation of each target group and the participants in particular. They tell the story to others.

Media strategy / resources

  • Reach specific (target) audience through targeted use of social media.
  • Integration with the website. Cross- and deep-linking, linking more detailed informative content -step by step- for those interested.
  • Conferences, trade shows or subject-related meetings of the municipality.
  • The episodes are shown on screen to job seekers during sessions in trainingscenter of the municipality and employers.
  • Account managers of the municipality in contact with employers (for example by using usb-stick, iPad).
  • Make people also aware of the short films by using print / print campaign (flyers, municipality newspaper, posters).
  • Local television.




Documentary film & episodes

Click LEFT TOP CORNER on youtube-playlist-icon (‘Playlist’) to see all episodes or full length film

Behind the scenes - storytelling Spijkenisse werkt!

Producer Igo Geurtjens
Writer Frank van Lieshout
Director Frank van Lieshout
Director of photography / camera operator Rolf Dekens
Lightning technician Luuk Zonnenberg
Sound Wim Geuzendam
Film editor Jessica Jansen
Sound editor Jacco Fransen


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