Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management

Client Rijkswaterstaat
Tasks account & project management | art direction | creation & production
Region The Netherlands
Year 1999 - 2002
Goal (1) Give interested citizens and professionals an easy way to access large amount of information | (2) Create more awareness for Rijkswaterstaat and its departments
Award Webwijzer Award 2000 (Waterland.net)



Waterland Courant (waterland.net)

The site was created with the purpose of making water information accessible to citizens & professionals. The website is visited by water managers, teachers and students in secondary schools and the recreationist. “One looks for information for a project at school, the other for the wind velocities for a day of surfing.

With numerous partners under one umbrella. Nearly 130 partners, including the ANWB and Greenpeace, provide information for the website. The subjects range from water levels or water management, drinking water to a water-management game or a water-dictionary. Also, there is discussion on the water sector.

This is not a stuffy government site, but a good example of how a government can be present on the Internet: informing and communicating.

Webwijzer Award

Waterland Courant - Webwijzer AwardThe website has won Webwijzer Award in 2000. The prize was presented by Minister van Boxtel. The jury found the site beautiful, up to date, and extra special because it is an umbrella site for multiple instances.

Style & technique Waterland Courant

Online newspaper with a publishing system. This system allows authors, editors and the chief editor to keep it up to date, without requiring any know-how of graphic design or programming languages.

  • Waterland Courant - Ministry of Infrastructure | 1

    Waterland Courant | 1

  • Waterland - Ministry of Infrastructure


  • Waterland Courant - Ministry of Infrastructure | 2

    Waterland Courant | 2





Client: Meetkundige Dienst – Governmental Survey Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

The realization of the one-stop shopping site WAQUARIUS is the result of studies carried out within the NEONET-WATERNET project.  The project WATERNET is an initiative of the Survey Department (of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) and REWANET group.

Remote sensing data on water quality issues, background information on remote sensing systems (LANDSAT, NOAA, MERIS, SeaWiFS and MOS), relevant projects and (inter) national developments are shown on the platform. WAQUARIUS can also provide supporting information like in situ measurements, model simulations and depth maps. And there is enough space for communication.

The above-mentioned information concerning water quality is presented by means of a dynamic database (among other things), which is updated continuously by organizations throughout the water industry.

This project was realized in cooperation with KNMI, NLR, IVM en ARGOSS.

  • WAQUARIUS - Ministry of Infrastructure






The governmental body responsible for policies and implementation in integral water management, CIW makes recommendations concerning regulations and composes standards and norms for water managers. HRH Prince of Orange Willem Alexander (nowadays King of the Netherlands) was at that moment, in his capacity of water manager, chairman of CIW.

  • CIW - Ministry of Infrastructure | 1

    CIW | 1

  • CIW - Ministry of Infrastructure | 2

    CIW | 2




Other projects

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    Zeeslib ('sea silt')

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    RIZA | normenpagina

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    RIZA | Leidraad Monitoring

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    RIZA | SPA


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