Client Rialto theater
Agency VirTube
Tasks brand & communication strategy | creative concept | script | film direction | production
Region Netherlands
Year 2002
Goal corporate branding | promotion campaign

Corporate branding & commercial

Rialto is the movie theatre in Amsterdam for the artistic movie lovers. Rialto is engaged in introducing new moviemakers, as well as putting new movie countries on the map. Put differently: Rialto is a vivid movie theatre, which makes well balanced decisions regarding artistic movies en creates a tempting and original program.

Rialto commercial video | frameAssigned by Rialto, a strategy and communication plan was developed as well as the pay-off, aiming to ensure a strong market positioning, raising the amount of visitors as well as committing a larger public to her theatre for a longer period of time. Both on-line as off-line campaigns had te be created to take the maximum in the cross-medial effect.

In the beginning of 2002, the first commercial video ‘Goed Gezien’ produced by VirTube, was shown to the public in various ways: in cinema, on TV and online.

Producer Bart Overes
Writer / Storyboard Igo Geurtjens
Directors Igo Geurtjens & Bart Overes
Director of photography / camera operator Rolf Dekens
Actor Froukje Porte
Actor Davis Xavier
Film editor 24 Frames
Sound editor 24 Frames


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