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Festival in de Branding

Client Johan Wagenaar Stichting, Stichting Hollands Spoor
Tasks projectmanagement | creation & production
Region Netherlands
Year 2000
Goal instill enthusiasm for contemporary classical music in high school students

Online composing application

In order to instill enthusiasm for contemporary classical music in high school students, an online composing application was designed for ‘Festival in de Branding’ (‘Festival in the Surf’).



Musical building blocks, ready-made by two professional musicians Micha Hamel and Guus Janssen, enabled the students to create their own composition, while advice and guidance were readily available through e-mail communications with students of the Royal Academy of Music in The Hague.

Festival in de Branding competition - online composing application



After submission the compositions were assessed by an expert jury, after which the winning piece was performed at Festival in de Branding. In this way, the course from analogue to digital, then again to analogue was traveled in a playful and interactive fashion, resulting in a modern, involved stance towards both a contemporary and a classical medium.

Festival in de Branding education - online composing application

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Festival in de Branding



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