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About us

Igo Geurtjens

A strong team must work well together and need to look at every project from all important perspectives. That's why Ogi One is a network of specialists with years of experience in their field of work. Depending on project and client Ogi One assembles a strong team of professionals to provide the best, authentic, sincere, fun, smart and sustainable solution: structural and fundamental. The result of our work is therefore always customized, innovative, unique, distinctive and effective.

how we think & work cases

Ogi One was founded in 2003 by Igo Geurtjens. Before that he was co-owner of @MSTERDAM and subsidiary VIRTUBE. Igo started his career in 1996 at NLnet: the first Internet & top-level provider in the Netherlands (subsequently acquired by MCI Worldcom). From the very beginning he has been in the forefront of Internet trends, opportunities and its impact on society. Igo is an expert in digital strategies (branding, marketing).

Ogi One's (new) logo is designed by Maarten van den Berg. Maarten, thxs!



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